Share files for a limited time



FileZ is a web application for sharing files and facilitating their download with a unique and secure URL.

How it works

Uploading a file

The main screen (see screen shot) is the central access point that allows the user to provide files for downloading. To upload a file click "Upload a new file". The Upload dialog window appears:

The only required info in this dialog window is the selection of the file to be uploaded. Click on "Browse" to select it.

The other filds are optional and can be set as follows:

Fill in the fields in the dialog window as required, click "Upload" and wait until the following message appears:

The file will be automatically inserted at the top of the list of uploaded files.

Sharing a file

As soon as the file has been successfully uploaded, the system will create a unique URL which you can send to the recipient(s) of the file. To copy the URL simply put the mouse pointer on the file name: the download URL appears as shown in the screen shot and can be copied to the clipboard by right-clicking the mouse and selecting "copy link location":

To pass on the URL click "Email". In the dialog window that appears, you can either enter the recipient's email address directly or start your email client by clicking on "Open in my email client" (see screen shot).

Managing files

The files that have been uploaded will be visible in Filez for as long as has been specified during upload. Prior to expiry, the file can be deleted by clicking on "Delete" (see screen shot).

The time of availability can be prolonged by clicking "Extend one more day" (each click adds one day within the limit set by the system administrator).